3 Hr Enduro Race Team Pairings

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Here are your team pairings for the 3 Hr Enduro Race on March 6th. This was a completely random draw. There will be more info to come on heat length and rotations for this race.

Team 1 - Rick Davis and Bill Bigger

Team 2 - Marshall Tucker and Nico

Team 3 - Alfred Gardner and Kristi Brimer

Team 4 - Kyle Wimmer and Chase Lovelace

Team 5 - Lennie Hunsucker and Joe Brimer

Team 6 - Keri Brimer and Ed Owens

Team 7 - Mike Jackson and Tyler Ording

Team 8 - Mark Flyge and Adam Mack

Team 9 - Ron Carnegie and Mark Tutton

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