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The idea of our club started when our member Joe Brimer was working in Germany and was out Christmas shopping and saw a large display of a Carrera slot car track that people were able to test out.  Having raced slot cars in the past and been part of a large slot car club in Florida that had owned its own track in a warehouse he decided to test out the cars and see how slot racing had changed.  Being an avid F-1 fan and former race car driver he started running the idea through his head of setting up a track on the second floor of his barn in Williamsburg. 


Once back in Williamsburg he started looking into what it would take to make this idea work.  After research into the different types of tracks it was decided that Artin was the best choice in both quality and cost.  Once a small track was set up it would be shown to members of the Battle Barn Gamers, who used the bottom floor of the barn for their group, to see if there was any interest in this hobby.  Rich Villella and Phil Gibbons showed interest in the cars and the idea of racing, so with them the idea of starting a racing group started to take root.  A track layout was decided and construction began.  The original idea was to do races in the morning before a war-gaming weekend since several racers were members of both. 


Not long after the first iteration of the track was set up Rich Villella passed away suddenly leaving one of the main forces in making this all happen gone.  Still the idea continued with the 4 lane road course being finished in late 2009.  After a few tests the first races were held to see what kind of turnout there would be.  The races were a success and the 2010 season started.  Different classes were tried to see what interest there was in each.  It was found that most of the members want to race in classes from the golden age of auto age, the 60’s through the 80’s.  At the end of 2010 it was decided that a full schedule of races would be included in 2011 and that the races would be held once a month.  Over the holidays the official rules were developed and advertisement was started to find others that held the same interest as the original members.  With the start of the 2011 season the Barn Burners Slot Car Club is set to establish its self as one of the premier slot car clubs in the country. 


The BBSCC emblem was designed by Paul Driskell back in 1971 as the emblem for the St. Petersburg Slot Car Club.  This was the club that Joe Brimer had been a key member in for over 10 years.  The design  of the Lotus F-1 car is making a comeback and hopes to be used for many years to come. 

We are a non-profit private slot car club that builds and races 1/32 scale slot cars.  We have two tracks setup currently that are modeled after famous tracks from England and Belgium.  We have Silver Stone which is a British track and Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps or Spa as we call it.  We race for fun first and foremost but we do have a points series for specific classes that we run for a full season and total the points to find the class champion and cup champion.  We race most of the most popular cars produced by Carrera,, Scalextric and other popular brands.  We do also build kit cars with custom paint schemes and decal packs.  




6623 Suite D Richmond Road, Williamsburg, Virginia

Tel: 757-656-0111

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